Koken Ratchet S.O.D.H System Explained

S.O.D.H stands for Smoothly Operated Dog Holding system. This system was introduced by Koken to allow the Dogs to sit on the body of the ratchet rather than ‘in the hole’ of the ratchet as used to be the case. The dogs would be held in place by a cover plate and hole under the reverse switch. With the aid of their C.A.D. Koken identified, that by setting the Dogs into the ratchet body a Smoother action was produced between forward and reverse.

Next, 2 Step Dogs and 36 Teeth

Koken do not make a 72tooth Ratchet. This is because years of research and development has proven to them t hat 72 teeth is a marketing ploy and not a benefit. There are times that more teeth are advantages and Koken do produce ratchets for those occassions. The more productive innovation centers around the Dogs and here’s why… By implementing a 2 step dog the contact between dog and teeth is enlarged, this prevents gear slip and therefore saves time and increases safety. Koken then went 1 step further and patented a 3 step dog system for the 4750 series, it was calculated that the extra step produces 10% more Torque than other models.

Koken Ratchet Knurled Handle 24 Teeth

Koken Ratchet Knurled Handle 24 Teeth

Koken Ratchet Knurled Handle 45 teeth

Koken Ratchet – Knurled Handle – 45 teeth

Koken Ratchet Plain Handle 24 Teeth

Koken Ratchet -Plain Handle – 24 Teeth

Koken Flexi Head Ratchet

Koken Felexi Head Ratchet

Koken Ratchet Swivvel Head

Koken Ratchet- Swivvel Head

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